Tata Communications made sponsorship headlines in 2012 when it became the Connectivity Partner to F1. Their impact on F1 was remarkable : taking artic-loads of hardware and cost out of operational budgets and replacing them with a cloud based service, as well as secure and dependable carriage for the TV feed via Tata Communications’ vast proprietary cable network.
But by 2017, despite intelligent activation and a partnership with Mercedes-AMG Petronas, Tata was looking to complement F1 with a platform or platforms to support their key markets more evenly – and to help them tell the next stage of their corporate story. From connectivity partner to tech enabler.
Tata invited Redmandarin to support them with identifying a global portfolio for two reasons: firstly, because we go well beyond sport to identify content areas which are best able to carry brand messaging to the target audience; and secondly, because we do not represent rights-holders.
Pro-active sponsorship scoping is a frequent service: it begins with our database of 11,000 properties but extends way beyond that, driven by our client’s business needs. For Tata we explored global NGOs, academia and medicine, content providers and, of course, sport. One driver of search was to find organisations with a distributed network and employee base which can best benefit from Tata’s connectivity offering. Another was to find organisations with a culture of excellence, looking to push their own boundaries. Both of course with a strong global brand and clear mission.
Our engagement with Tata Communications began in September 2018 and continued until February 2019, when recommendations were taken to the global marketing teams. Next steps … watch this space