SmartWater’s requirement was to identify a smart, sophisticated and stylish ambassador between 24 and 40 capable of supporting brand growth across 16 Western European markets – but primarily in the UK, France and Germany.
Finding an ambassador with high levels of awareness and popularity in these three markets is not easy – national celebrities in these markets don’t travel well. We reached out to the major talent agencies and ran comparative analyses across recording and movie artists, recent performances and upcoming releases, but struggled to find a solution across the three markets.
So we went back to the client, and asked for permission to relax the search criteria, with the assurance that their needs would be met. Then we looked beyond Europe to the global market, to Hollywood – and beyond their age parameters, to established stars with the levels of awareness we required. A longlist of 16 was shortened to five, which we tested for awareness – but also for trust – in the three markets.
The winner was counter-intuitive but in retrospect obvious : Jennifer Aniston. Older and not European, but thanks to her long career and her role in probably the first truly bingeable TV series, the perfect answer.