As consumers, we know that the Olympics are a global phenomenon.At host market level, that’s sometimes difficult to accept – but nowhere more important than in media management. With a guaranteed influx of over 80,000 foreign media, looking for daily stories, that’s potentially an awful lot of scrutiny by media who don’t necessarily respect your own cultural norms.
And with the Olympics and major events increasingly recognised as a campaigning platform by the NGO sector (think BP and Dow for London 2012), Games Partners need to ensure they are thoroughly prepared.That was the concern of Nissan’s corporate communications team in the run up to Rio 2016. The company became a Tier 1 Partner on the strength of their growth plans in Brazil and Latin America. But as Rio 2016 approached, Nissan corporate wanted to support their local team and agencies.
Edelman were brought in to write the rulebook for Nissan – systems, decision trees, policies etc. Redmandarin were brought in to test the rulebook. With our specialist understanding of the implicit and explicit risks associated with the Games; as well as our experience of how stories evolve and build under the white heat of Olympic focus, we ran Nissan and Edelman’s extended team through a series of specialist simulations designed to test every aspect of their preparation.
The result for Nissan: an uneventful Games with Nissan topping the charts for buzz. The right buzz..