When ABInbev acquired the greater part of SABMiller, they also inherited a good number of sponsorships. SAB Miller had eschewed the route of globalising its brands, growing instead clear market dominance in markets such as RSA, Colombia, Peru and Poland.
ABI’s immediate sponsorship priority was to assess the performance of sponsorship in the seven strongest markets, looking at a total of 24 sponsorship properties representing combined rights fees of US$150m.
After a competitive pitch, ABI commissioned Redmandarin to conduct a ROMI evaluation of the 24 properties. Our ROMI evaluation looks to provide a comprehensive assessment of a sponsorship’s contribution to commercial objectives. The exact outputs vary, depending on the data available.
With such a strong learning culture within ABI, Redmandarin was given broad access to sales and brand data, alongside existing evaluations, consumer research, contracts and previous activations.
Our evaluation included contract audit, rights fee benchmarking, activation assessment, divergence analysis, proximity analysis, ROMI analysis and future investment recommendations based on reducing, reweighting or increasing investment.
In some notable cases, we were able to: • pinpoint sponsorships which were redundant within some portfolios • establish clear correlations between sales volumes and brand messaging • determine underperforming sponsorships and make clear remedial recommendations
The total project took four months. Redmandarin provided a market by market assessment of the sponsorship portfolio with a total of 62 recommendations, of which ABI implemented 49.