Pasona is a prominent and innovative supplier of human resources in Japan, based on strong social values and a founder’s belief in diversity. Pasona had ambitions to become a sponsor of Tokyo 2020 and requested support from Redmandarin to guide their preparations.
Jointly with EY, our delivery partner in Japan, Redmandarin led the knowledge transfer programme for the Pasona Senior Management Team, and advised them on negotiations.
Pasona were clear that they wanted to become a Tier 3 Supplier to Tokyo 2020, meaning that their Partnership Agreement and rights would not enter into force until after PyeongChang 2018. In order to maximise the value of their contract period, Pasona contracted Redmandarin in a major pre-planning exercise.
For the 15 months preceding contract signature in January 2018, Redmandarin guided Pasona through a broad planning process, covering Olympic vision, the creation of their 2020 campaign, signature activations and governance.
Pasona invests heavily in the development of the ‘Pasona Family’ and so, with their encouragement, we were able to frame Pasona’s journey to 2020 as a journey to performance. Each of the three years of its Partnership was devoted to Target-setting, Challenge and Peak Performance. All engagement and Learning and Development activities sat within this framework.
Redmandarin also delivered its Learning Management System to Pasona, ensuring over 30,000 members of Pasona Family received a comprehensive and consistent education in Olympic Partnership, to lay a clear foundation for employee engagement.
Our engagement lasted nearly two years, with the period of most intense activity covering six months in early 2017.