Negotiation planning



Nomura Kougei is one of Japan’s leading spatial design agencies. They work their magic with luxury retail, museums, high end hotel lobbies, exclusive bars and brand installations – anything which requires high touch customer service and demands an experience which will endure in the memory.
For Nomura, along with many of Japan’s category leaders, it is almost unthinkable not to support Tokyo 2020. But as with many potential Olympic Partners, the investment case – once you move beyond feel-good rhetoric – is far from clear.
Our work with Nomura, delivered jointly with EY, was initially to accelerate the learning curve for the Board and senior management with a knowledge transfer programme consisting of bespoke workshop sessions, discussion and briefing papers.
The second phase was to develop the Investment Case. Working hand in hand with their OlyPara leader, we factored in their Medium Term Management Plan vision and ambitions, analysing the contribution that Tokyo 2020 could bring to these.
We helped Nomura understand the likely commercial impact of the categories suggested by TOCOG and helped them to respond with a category which maximised both their communications and earning potential.
A six month engagement with a unique Japanese icon, both immensely proud of its reputation and ambitious for its commercial future – which helped Nomura move forward with confidence to become a Tier 3 Supplier on 4 June 2018.