TCCC WEBU – consisting at that time of circa 20 markets – had no centralised view of music as a platform for sponsorship. The heterogenous perceptions on “Music” resulted in different approaches – in terms of asset selection as well as activation concepts. Each market engaged with music in its own way – some great, some … not so.
TCCC’s central marketing unit asked Redmandarin to help establish an equal level of information and knowledge throughout WEBU that would help to:
guide and objectivize internal “Music” discussions harmonize the way we evaluate potential as well as success of music-related investments provide insights and inspiration for markets that have only limited experience in the music field better align/ integrate local music programs with/ into yearly IMC campaigns Our response was in two parts: a strategic analysis of the passion point and in-depth analysis of the music landscape in five markets.
Integrating the findings of Coke’s own research into teens, teen connections and Gen Z, Redmandarin created a document which formed the basis of workshopping and future planning across their markets which Coca-Cola”s central marketing unit described as ‘superb and superbly practical’.