Marketing procurement teams are increasingly looking for ways to add value beyond supply management – but sponsorship procurement presents a number of intrinsic challenges as a consequence of :

  • difficulties of benchmarking
  • inability to standardise
  • low quality of evaluation vendors
  • complex supply chains with poor transparency

This last point is a pervasive problem.

In 2018, WBR Insights reported that 59% of procurement teams consider they’ve achieved true financial transparency in their agency relationships.

This is not the case in sponsorship.

Lead agencies frequently receive  compensation from multiple sources within the overall campaign roster, including the common practice of multi-year  sales commission. From our experience, as much as 40% of total budget can be lost through commission and mark-up.

Another internal challenge is the high level of emotional attachment, and corresponding lack of objectivity, which often develops within the sponsor organisation.


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    Investment Case
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    Transparent Procurement Support
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    Spend Efficiency
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    Portfolio Review
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Marketing or sponsorship procurement teams are a growing proportion of our client base.

Procurement recognises our ability to work comfortably and constructively alongside both sponsorship and procurement and to support both to increase efficiency.

Our investment cases raise the bar in procurement governance while our specialist analysis methodologies offer unique insights into effectiveness.

Without exception, our ROMI evaluation and Portfolio reviews bring an objective but constructive perspective which is almost impossible to achieve internally. 

Our contract audit service benchmarks best practice and raises the bar on contracting.

We often hear that our work provides sponsorship teams with the data to make confident decisions which they have hesitated to take for fear of negative impact.

Our transparent process for procurement support – identifying, negotiating and contracting with rightsholders – is unique in the industry, combining rigorous cost management with complete transparency.