Psychology drives sponsorship

Sponsorship is psychologically rich – richer, we would say, than any other marketing model and key aspects of sponsorship’s effectiveness are governed by a clear psychological framework and ‘laws’.

It plays out in the real world – with all of the psychological complexity that entails. It purposefully taps into strong emotions around individual and group identity. It’s powerfully experiential at times. And on top of all of this, it has the ability to overlay the best of advertising practice. Sponsorship is surely the opera of marketing models. 

The full power of emotion

Over the last 20 years,  neuroscientists and psychologists such as Antonio Damasio and Daniel Kahneman have come to understand that emotions and unconscious processes and associations dominate decision-making. And wrapped up in that is our body’s physical (chemical and neurological) response to any stimulus. Some of our emotional response is conscious, but much is completely outside of our awareness.

You may have read that making yourself smile with a pencil in your mouth will make you feel happier – but it’s less likely that you knew that facial feedback theory has been repeatedly tested. We are all susceptible to priming, in myriad forms. 

A psychological framework for sponsorship

We have developed a unique offering : a psychological framework for sponsorship and experiential which integrates the most conclusive dimensions of psychological research. Our framework provides a sharp lens to assess psychological and especially associative coherence. 

Our psychological planning framework takes into consideration your sponsorship – property and structure, the sponsorship narrative and communications, the emotional contract with the audience, customer experience planning, testing and measurement.

As a planning tool, our framework offers clear structures to design new sponsorship campaigns or review existing campaigns. In both cases, we are equally happy in the role of solus, lead or support agency.

Applied psychology delivers better performance

Sponsorship industry practitioners often know many of the factors that effect the impact of a sponsorship, for better or worse, even these are before proven by academics. But without the framework for understanding which applied psychology offers, it’s all too easy for practitioners to lack a coherent foundation and for psychological gaps to appear in their planning.

This service maximises every opportunity your brand has to strengthen affinity and memorability with your target audience – to deliver better performing campaigns.

For a more detailed presentation of our Psychological framework services, please use either the on-page chatbot or the contact form.

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