Our focus for sponsorship evaluation services is to help clients to fully understand the impact of sponsorship activity – and provide the data required to improve investment decisions and activation practice.

We frequently advise clients on their sponsorship evaluation frameworks and methodologies; and commission research on their behalf. We are also often asked to advise clients on the appointment of agencies, from large global agencies such as Nielsen and Kantar to specialists in sponsorship such as Blauuw Sponsoring Insights and YouGov Sport – and scope their work.

We collaborate to the fullest extent with in-house Insight and Sales teams to make maximum use of available internal data and agency support, before commissioning new research.

Our ambition always is to deliver lean methodologies, which focus clearly on the key data our clients require to make investment decisions – there is no value in an abundance of redundant data.

Over the past 20 years we have developed many proprietary approaches to sponsorship evaluation grounded in business consultancy and market research techniques, covering audience affinity testing, longitudinal analysis and sales attribution .

These and other sponsorship evaluation techniques have been designed to address key questions often facing sponsorship teams – how do we better understand the sponsorship audience, what is the sponsorship impact on our consumer audience, how is our sponsorship being perceived, is our sponsorship still adding enough value. 

Our ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) evaluation in particular highlights areas of under-performance in individual or portfolio sponsorships and makes clear investment recommendations.

For more insight into our sponsorship evaluation approach and thinking, please see our articles on assessment frameworks, evaluation principles, the use of brand metrics in evaluation surveys, rights valuation and the huge value of smart employee feedback.


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Evaluation Health Check

For clients wishing to trial our approach, we offer an incredibly helpful Evaluation Health Check, to review current practice and offer traffic light recommendations for improvement.

For more details, please click on the image.