Ambassador sponsorship


The value of an ambassador

The use of ambassadors has been growing for the last 20 years because of proven value.

Hundreds of academic reports have demonstrated the large potential value in terms of:

  • direct sales
  • brand salience
  • brand preference
  • brand loyalty
  • employee engagement


The impact of social media

Historically, ambassadors were a route to mass media and familiarity.

The explosive growth of social and other online media means that some celebrities and influencers offer more direct reach than mainstream media.

Many influencers do not have mainstream acceptance yet still offer access to multi-million follower groups.


The need for a clear strategy

Accurate and effective ambassador procurement depends on a clear understanding of business needs.

For example: change of focus on any of the factors in the table will directly affect ambassador selection.

Ambassador selection is critical

Ambassador selection criteria need to be tightly defined : age, geography, personality, back story, personal aspirations, values, other sponsors, social media following.

Each of these celebrities, for example, delivers a very different message.

Our approach to talent assessment

Various attempts have been made to provide a ‘single mark  score’ for celebrity endorsers, such as Q-Rating, Talex or Hookit. But these have generally been developed in order to ‘sell’  talent.

Although social reach metrics can be quantified and some  audience segmentation is available, a truly objective and  quantitative assessment is not possible.

Our approach to endorsement reflects our entire approach  and is absolutely bespoke to each brand.

We consider existing rating, career trajectory recommend and bespoke research on major investments to establish trust ratings in key markets.

Successful talent ID depends on maximum alignment with  business objectives, target audience profile; celebrity  intrinsics, especially trust; and social context.