While many sponsors remain focused on B2C and B2B value, employee engagement is increasingly being recognized as a valuable opportunity for sponsorship to add value  – engaging, motivating and incentivizing employees; and building the employer brand.
Sponsorship can be structured to offer direct benefits, volunteering and engagement opportunities, as well as learning and team-building experiences. Aila Khan’s dated but excellent doctoral thesis on The Influence of Corporate Sponsorship on the Sponsor’s Employees gives an intelligent overview and insight into this area.
While some sponsorships can be polarising – failing, for example. to appeal to sections of the employee base, it is nearly always possible – and important – to find imaginative ways to build connection and communicate the underlying values of the partnership. Employee approval, and ideally advocacy, for sponsorship should be an executional priority.


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Redmandarin has a dedicated offer focused on leveraging the power of sponsorship to accelerate organizational development outcomes.

This was developed for London 2012, as employee engagement is a fundamental element of successful Olympic partnership – and refined for Pasona, a partner of Tokyo 2020. Beyond creating employee champions of the partnership, we found a way to harness the excitement of the Olympics and Paralympics to deliver HR learning objectives. This had the triple effect of boosting employee engagement, creating stronger advocacy and delivering enhanced learning impacts.

On a more targeted basis, our team supports Leadership and Development professionals to design innovative and immersive programs which emerge from the raw content of the sponsorship – from the performance lessons of elite sport to the innovation learnings of the social enterprise.


Another product which evolved out of London 2012 for implementation in Tokyo 2020 is our Learning Management System.

In our almost universal experience of working with four partner clients of London 2012, employees of Partners were not able to converse about the Games.

There were many reasons – but the single largest was the lack of a coherent integrated internal communications platform.

Information was fragmented, with no consistent editorial style; and presented in a format which discouraged reading, learning and understanding.

This had a number of implications:

  • employees were distanced from the Partnership, with no greater level of knowledge than the general public
  • the Partnership felt like it was ‘owned’ by senior management
  • Partners lost thousands or tens of thousands of potential brand ambassadors for its Partnership
  • employee engagement in the Games and Games-related programmes was not as positive as possible


Our LMS was created to address this. It not only aggregates and harmonises content from various sources to become the go-to location for all sponsorship news, it presents the larger picture to employees so they feel emotional ownership of the partnership – and can engage on a secure internal platform.

Part SAAS, part content management, our LMS aligns employees positively behind your larger partnerships. 

For employee engagement-related posts, see below or visit our blog.


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