The worlds of sponsorship and ESG are converging.
And with the new EU Directive on Corporate Sustainability Reporting coming into force in October 2022 and the SEC proposed Scope 3 dicslosure requirements, the momentum is set to increase. Sustainability, citizenship and ESG are rapidly becoming a critical driver of brand in many markets.
While some corporates have embraced brand purpose, too many organisations still have a silo’d and inefficient approach to sponsorship and ESG, with environmental and social engagement viewed as a risk management activity, removed from brand marketing objectives.
Despite some bold moves coming from major rights-holders such as NFL and Formula 1, the sponsorship industry’s response to this trend has in general been to ‘bolt on’ CSR programmes to amplify and mitigate traditional sponsorship.

Redmandarin view ESG as a major opportunity for both sponsors and rights-holders. Our approach is smarter.

For sponsors

For brands, we understand their sustainability and ESG reporting and best practice, sustainability agenda or impact strategy, and how these connect to brand. Then we review existing partnerships from a supply chain perspective to mitigate risk from rights-holder ESG and determine their potential to deliver or support ESG. Finally. we develop programmes and campaigns which not only meet ESG criteria but deliver the benefits usually associated with sponsorship – building brand equity and relationships with key audiences, internal and external. 

For clients looking specifically for partnerships to amplify their existing impact strategy, we access a wide range of global NGOs to understand their current policy priorities and planned initiatives to identify areas of alignment – and then  explore suitable routes to amplify these.

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For rights-holders

We support rights-holders to understand how their ESG practice can support their brands and audience engagement – working with them to establish a sustainability journey and identify NGO partners and/or initiatives to deliver social and environmental impact relevant to their audiences – whilst reinforcing key brand attributes. For rights-holders, sponsorship and ESG should not, these days, be seen separately.


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Our heritage

The first phase of Redmandarin CEO Shaun Whatling’s career was in the NGO sector, followed by a stint at The Body Shop and he has always stayed close to the relationship between business, society and the environment.

As a result, Redmandarin frequently offers pro bono support to NGOs and is very familiar with the different boundaries that businesses draw between their sponsorship and their ESG impact, with maximising comms value and generating brand uplift.

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