Topical content mashed up with our longstanding interests : Olympic Partnership marketing, sponsorship effectiveness, impact and ESG, employee engagement, strategy, analytics and the psychology of sponsorship : sponsorship thought-leadership for the 2020s.

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The blogs proper

Sponsorship zen

It tickles us at Redmandarin that the IOC now has 11 TOP partners. Brands and rights-holders often perpetuate a false correlation between sponsor numbers and clutter, and talk about sponsor clutter as though it’s an issue – and yet the …

 Cunning linguist

Naming rights are the perfect IP. They cost nothing to create, they need minimal servicing and there’s no benchmark for pricing. No wonder rightsholders love ’em – they’re like a real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. …

Own goal?

I think historians will look back and pinpoint Sydney 2000 as the event which truly marked the beginning of sport as a dominant global belief system. I’m not talking about global appeal or commercial value, I’m talking about sport as …

Where is the boundary between communal and rightsholder IP? This interview was first published in ‘Working the Olympics’. This interview tracks Jim’s experience of Scotia Bank sponsorship through Vancouver 2010. Ambush marketing was not his intention : rather, to explore …

The current model of the sponsorship industry was spawned by media sales, driven by the entrepreneurial realisation that the aggregated exposure available through major events had sizeable commercial value. Everything else is post-rationalisation. I say this so clearly because of …

The UK Bribery Act 2010 finally came into force last week, against a backdrop of industry angst – here in the UK. Everyone feels pretty comfortable to condemn the nefarious activities of nameless international sports federations, but – what the …

 Nobody scrolling down Interbrand’s list of the world’s top 100 brands can fail to be struck by the huge and obvious role sponsorship plays in building brand equity. And yet the world of marketing has always struggled to find an acceptable definition …

Sponsorship heresy

I have to admit – I’ve never had much time for sponsorship. Is this my very own Ratner moment? I hope not. It doesn’t make much sense for the CEO of a strategic sponsorship consultancy to own up to such …

Governing whims

Our CEO likes F1 ‘Grübel was planning to get in with Sauber[1]’ was how impeccable veteran F1 journalist Roger Benoit broke the news that UBS Group CEO Oswald Grübel had been planning once again to sponsor Sauber F1 in Swiss …

Media. Value. Cabbage

I recently received (anonymously) a ‘sponsorship valuation’ commissioned from a specialist agency by a brand: the sender was a little incredulous at what he’d been persuaded to pay for. Arguably sponsorship ‘valuation’ has a role to play in instilling rights-holders …

First published in Defining Sponsorship, Tony Ponturo’s interview was seismic in the powerful way it articulated the change in consumer attitudes – expressed with Tony’s trademark candour. Tony Ponturo is the founder and CEO of Ponturo Management Group, LLC; a …

Bang to rights

Ever since Patrick Nally corralled the global TV and stadia signage rights together on Coke’s behalf for the 1974 FIFA World Cup, sponsorhip has been dominated by rights. And, with the IOC’s bullishly announcing it expects to reach the mythical …