Introducing Redmandarin RedEye

Information overload is here to stay.

The competitive landscape, global and local, is complex and rapidly evolving.

Yet up to the moment sponsorship intelligence is more critical than ever.

For global or regional sponsorship teams, there’s a constant demand to demonstrate an understanding of key trends and to monitor own and competitor activity across multiple territories and languages.

RedEye is our response.

RedEye, always on

RedEye was developed for a global client to address their need for a consolidated single source of intelligence.

RedEye is an always-on platform which aggregates, filters, and prioritises a range of sources from around the world.

For clients, it’s a 24/7 curated and moderated online platform which tells sponsorship teams exactly what they need to know about their activity, their sector, the wider marketplace, and provides immediate access to in-depth analysis and a distinct competitive advantage.

Track competitor activity

The system effortlessly keeps you and your team up-to-date with the very latest activity in your sector and beyond, informing and supporting your own decision-making process. Arecibo can be attuned to your precise information needs – covering sponsorship, corporate responsibility and reputation, community engagement and more. 

Monitor industry trends

Drawing upon sources from press releases to comment pieces, Arecibo creates an instant and intuitive archive of material tailored to your specifications.  

Analyse market information

Arecibo’s document section can be used to provide unique complementary  intelligence and analysis from Redmandarin and other sources, helping you interpret market trends, assess competitor activity, and spot exciting opportunities for your business.

Key features

  • Tracks sponsorship intelligence in 12+ languages and in any global market
  • Maintain a searchable archive of sponsorship activity
  • Can be used to identify newly created opportunities 
  • Helps anticipate changing market conditions
  • Identifies trends within sector and broader marketplace
  • Innovative new campaigns and case studies, globally and locally
  • Tracks industry-wide spending patterns
  • Alerts for new competitor activations
  • Can be supplemented with additional analysis eg quarterly updates, areas of competitor activity and CSR strategy and implications, case studies and assessments of key activations, spend by key competitor and market, GAP analysis against key territories and content areas

Sponsorship intelligence at your fingertips.

To view our showcase RedEye site, click here.

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