Great sponsorship strategy in 8 steps

There’s certainly no shortage of posts out there on the web talking about sponsorship strategy. In fact, in the context of sponsorship, the word strategy is used pretty indiscriminately in general, and even here by HBR, as a sophisticated-sounding way of saying ‘this is how to go about sponsorship’: a primer, in other words. The question […]

FIFA’s new sponsorship : all structure, no strategy

The latest changes to FIFA’s sponsorship strategy are eminently sensible. The growth in popularity and commercial value of both the women’s game and gaming represent untapped potential for FIFA, who have been struggling for a number of years to grow the quantity and quality of their sponsors. The new commercial structure aggregates the verticals of […]

Sponsorship portfolio strategy

This article springboards off a great article by Francis Dumais, who identified six major variations of sponsorship portfolio strategy.  Francis took the term sponsorship strategy and applied it very legitimately to the strategic choice facing brands around how they choose to structure their sponsorship investment, across portfolios or single properties.  Each of these alternatives represents […]

Sponsorship Strategy : Building Competitive Edge

We were reviewing our search performance over Christmas (as you do) and were shocked to rank low against the term sponsorship strategy. Which is criminal as Redmandarin was the sponsorship industry’s first strategy consultancy – and even now is one of a handful (or fewer) of agencies globally which specialise in strategy. But there’s no […]

The danger of being dazzled by the latest

I imagine the entire marketing industry is now considering the impact of Proctor and Gamble’s Chief Marketing Officer, Marc Pritchard’s, groundbreaking presentation at the recent IAB Annual Leadership meeting on the issues around digital marketing. Marc’s speech was refreshingly open and Mark Ritson in his recent Marketing Week piece describes it as the “biggest marketing speech for 20 […]

Brand purpose and sponsorship

There’s a close relationship between brand purpose and sponsorship, but…. Whatever happened to vision? It used to be a fundamental part of how businesses described themselves. I grew up with it…. Nowadays though, business vision is really hard to find. It’s been well and truly eclipsed by brand purpose. How a CEO responds to the […]

Changing the game

Jean Noel Kapferer, in his comprehensive tome Strategic Brand Management, talks of brand as a conditional asset, and it’s one of his most helpful phrasings, suggesting as it does, that the value of the brand asset depends largely on what businesses do with it. The same is of course true of sponsorship: it’s a very […]