#101 What is sponsorship?

This is the first of Sponsorship 101  – a series of posts intended to provide an excellent foundation for anyone interested in, or starting off in sponsorship. We’re all exposed to sponsorship, pretty much every day of the year, but the sponsorship 101 question is : what is sponsorship? My first conscious exposure was age […]

Sponsorship Assessment

One part of a recent RFP focused on sponsorship assessment: how would Redmandarin create an assessment framework to compare two properties? It was a thorough RFP and a pleasure to respond but the framing of the brief contained a few assumptions worth unpacking if you’re really looking to understand assessment. The first assumption was that […]

Do I need a specialist sponsorship consultancy?

As a specialist sponsorship consultancy, we’re in a narrow competitive set. While there are plenty of individuals with experience to spare and share, there are few organisations established purely to solve sponsorship challenges. There are many large agencies which offer consulting services, but the consulting for these businesses is generally considered a loss leader, to […]

What is sponsorship?

The following article first appeared as the conclusion to the Redmandarin publication ‘Defining Sponsorship‘. It provides a clear analysis of the roots of what sponsorship and sound sponsorship strategy is all about and is helpful both for students and practitioners. So where to start? The only definition that’s readily available is from the European Sponsorship […]

Learnings from Olympic sponsorship consultancy

We chose to specialise in Olympic sponsorship consultancy because the scale of the undertaking ensures that the partnership has the full attention of the business – and sponsorship has the fullest application across the business. We published Working the Olympics in 2012 – based on our experience with ten Olympic partners and interviews with a […]

Our definition of sponsorship

 Nobody scrolling down Interbrand’s list of the world’s top 100 brands can fail to be struck by the huge and obvious role sponsorship plays in building brand equity. And yet the world of marketing has always struggled to find an acceptable definition of sponsorship. Most definitions lean heavily on the definition ratified by the International Chamber of […]