The psychology of sponsorship engagement

The Psychology of Sponsorship #2 So a second post on the theme of the psychology of sponsorship, this time looking at the factors which influence sponsorship engagement, And once again it’s a question of marrying academic research and theory with the experience of sponsorship practice and an overlay of our own applied psychological insight, which we call […]

Campaign Architecture

Following on from my last article regarding business case valuations I wanted to look at what for us is an earlier step in the process, the development of the ideal campaign architecture and subsequent platform selection. Crucially, all of the assets that will be required are identified before contacting any rightsholders. It’s in many ways […]

The danger of being dazzled by the latest

I imagine the entire marketing industry is now considering the impact of Proctor and Gamble’s Chief Marketing Officer, Marc Pritchard’s, groundbreaking presentation at the recent IAB Annual Leadership meeting on the issues around digital marketing. Marc’s speech was refreshingly open and Mark Ritson in his recent Marketing Week piece describes it as the “biggest marketing speech for 20 […]

Changing the game

Jean Noel Kapferer, in his comprehensive tome Strategic Brand Management, talks of brand as a conditional asset, and it’s one of his most helpful phrasings, suggesting as it does, that the value of the brand asset depends largely on what businesses do with it. The same is of course true of sponsorship: it’s a very […]

working the Olympics

Redmandarin believe the Olympics represent a transformational business opportunity, but most businesses, faced with a proposal to partner an Olympic Games, don’t have a clue where to start. Why would they? Most businesses’ understanding of sponsorship is a combination of logo exposure and hospitality. But the Olympics – broadcast globally, without media exposure for the […]