Would you buy this?

Although our soon-to-be-published survey into the relationship between Procurement Teams and Sponsorship Practice suggests that Procurement is not heavily involved with sponsorship measurement, this post is aimed primarily at marketing procurement. The biggest con in sponsorship evaluation Despite the pandemic, many sponsorship research agencies are still doing a roaring trade in nonsense. For many years, […]

So your sponsorship evaluation budget is tiny…

Why are sponsorship evaluation budgets so tight? There’s not an agency that doesn’t subscribe in principle to the importance of sponsorship evaluation – but relatively few brands that set sponsorship evaluation budgets commensurate with investment. Of the brands which evaluate, the majority rely either on syndicated rightsholder research or run moronic surveys of the kind […]

Sponsorship measurement and logic models

We won’t pretend : this article on sponsorship measurement and logic models fails every element of originality except one. It’s 99% based on a great article from Financier Worldwide by Paula Papp, Laura Petschnig and Kalina Kasprzyk from Frontier Economics on measuring innovation. The parallels are overwhelming so we’ve wholeheartedly plagiarised their article, with great […]

The psychology of sponsorship

Most books on sponsorship make large assumptions about the psychology of sponsorship. Back in the day, the phrase ‘brand value transfer’ was thrown around liberally to explain how sponsorship works, with no little authority, of course! But in the last 10 years in particular, our understanding of the emotional processes of sponsorship has evolved significantly. […]

The gold standard

The debate about standard evaluation metrics has crawled around for years. Conference organisers probably have shrines devoted to it – it always helps them off to such a good start. I can just hear the guys at Haymarket: ‘So what are we going to talk about this year, it’s the same discussion year in year […]

For your consideration

Return of engagement’s a seductive little phrase, isn’t it? It holds the promise of customers and public alike interacting with – and caring about – your brand. As such, it’s far more engaging in itself than classic terms like consideration or preference.   The first time we heard it used was by Saatchi & Saatchi […]